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This trailblazing approach is set to revolutionize the Foot & Posture industry in Hong Kong and Asia. The comprehensive "Anything-Feet-Related" services are grounded in vast research and deep expertise in podiatry, ensuring the resolution of any foot problems that patients and clients may face.


Medical Foot Care

The "Haute Couture" for Feet

Certification in podiatry enables the precise and effective removal of calluses, corns, and dry skin, utilizing a specialized French dry method. Alongside this, nail conditions such as ingrown toenails and discoloration of the nail plate are addressed and rectified. Each treatment session concludes with a natural, healthy nail shine.
Osteopathic techniques are incorporated into the treatment plan, culminating in a comprehensive foot massage. This methodology transforms foot care into a holistic wellness experience.

Posture & Feet Consultation

Feet Assessment for Common Pathologies

Utilizing a 3D Foot Sensors Platform, an analysis of the feet, legs, back, and posture is conducted to identify body position imbalances. This detailed assessment allows the podiatrist to design and propose a custom-made pair of Orthotics, perfectly tailored to each individual's needs.
ABP Albin Brion Foot Atelier by ABP Limited Insoles Orthotics Podiatry Hong Kong Posture C
ABP - Insoles Orthotics of 4 Styles.jpg

Orthotics Consultation

Custom Made for Athletes or Daily Walkers

There are four types of Orthotics designed to suit every shoe type, age, and specific need. These include Sports Moulded, Urban Ortho, Fancy Ortho, and Posturo Ortho. The primary objective is to realign the body's base — ensuring correct foot positioning to prevent injuries, muscular tension, joint pain, and enhance comfort in daily walks and runs.

What People are Saying

Albin Brion Services with Jessica Alba .JPG
Best Pedicure in the whole world

Jessica Alba

World Famous American Actress & Business Woman

Albin Brion Ons Jabeur Foot Care.JPG
Felt my feet were lighter to play
on the court thanks to Mr Brion

Ons Jabeur

Ranked #11 Best Tennis Player Worldwide

Ballet Shoes
Best Podiatrist pampering me.
Still flying with my new feet

Luis Torres

Artistic Director & HK Ballet Master

Other Clients

Joel Robuchon

Celebrity Chef of the Century

Gwyneth Paltrow

World Famous Actress & Entrepreneur 

Novak Djokovic

Ranked No.1 Best Tennis Player Worldwide

Adeline Blondieau

Famous French Actress

Chris De Burgh

British Singer & Songwriter

Mike Powers

Ranked No.3 in Jiu Jitsu &

MMA Fighter

Babacar Gueye

International Football Player

Victoria Beckham

Singer & Fashion Icon

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