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About the
Founder & CEO

Albin Brion

Meet Albin: The Game-Changer in Podiatry & Pedicure Universe.

From the bustling streets of Paris to the world's most luxurious hotels and spas, Albin's journey is as unique as his approach to foot care. This ex-professional footballer turned podiatry pioneer is redefining foot wellness and beauty, one step at a time.

Albin's passion for podiatry was born out of personal experience – a series of ankle injuries during his football career. This intimate understanding of foot health challenges laid the foundation for his remarkable career in podiatry.

From Paris to Dubai, Mauritius, and now Hong Kong, Albin has left his footprint in luxury wellness landscapes around the globe. With 11 years of experience in Hong Kong alone, Albin has been instrumental in developing innovative concepts and treatments in podiatry and pedicure, including sophisticated medical insoles.

But Albin's expertise isn't confined to technical foot care. Drawing on his rich sporting background, he's now created a business that beautifully blends wellness and beauty.
Collaborating with the most luxurious Spas worldwide has played a pivotal role in honing Albin's management and leadership skills. His pioneering spirit in the industry has not only set new standards in foot care but has also opened doors to a diverse clientele. From celebrities and royalty to athletes and VIPs, Albin's expertise is sought-after by many.
Today, Albin is embarking on a journey across Asia, launching pop-up podiatry events in various Spas and Hotels. His mission is not just to provide top-notch foot care services but also to educate clients about the importance of posture and foot health. Albin ensures that each client walks away with the best advice on taking care of their feet, further cementing his position as a leader in the realm of foot health and wellness.
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for the Best Men treatment



Best Men treatment in Hong Kong

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for Best Therapist in China


for World's Best Podiatrist



for Best Pedicure in Hong Kong

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for Best Pedicure in Hong Kong

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2014 & 2013 AWARD WINNER

for Most Attractive Spa Treatment

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for Best Spa Treatment


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Gwyneth Paltrow’s podiatrist:
Flip-flops are not good for your feet...

[Albin Brion] a male podiatrist with a smile bright enough to sell toothpaste, definitely not your usual pedicurist.

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What the ‘foot doctor’ told me...

Ninety percent of these cases are created by bad pedicure. Most people don’t really know how to take care of their feet...


You'll have just until today to get a pedicure similar to those that keep Cate Blanchett, Robert de Niro, Naomi Campbell, and Gwyneth Paltrow on their feet. The Conrad Manila highlights “Healing Foot Treatments” with celebrity podiatrist Albin Brion


Albin Brion, the manager and podiatrist of the spa, studied podiatry in Paris and received professional training...

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Le pied en question

Impressed by the care provided and the results obtained, the young Frenchman decided to move towards this profession by specializing in sports pathologies.


Beckham's wife and Jessica Alba call for him when they come toHong Kong! Foot Art Master Albin Brion taught us the secret of tender feet...

Studio manager Albin Brion will custom make the insoles to fit your feet and address your specific needs after assessing your posture and weight distribution...


Albin Brion Helps Alleviate Foot Problems with Tailor Made Insole Service...

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With trained podiatrist Albin Brion, who has treated Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow, trust that your feet will be in great hands...

2020 Wellness Trends

Allowing their individuality to shine through helps us cultivate true wellness experts out of our therapists. Examples include Albin Brion, our podiatrist-trained pedicurist in Hong Kong,


The celebrity podiatrist [Albin Brion] was in the country as a guest of Conrad Spa Manila’s “Healing Foot Treatments,” specially designed foot care and pedicure sessions that concluded yesterday at Conrad Manila...


Albin explained the process then began by cutting and filing my nails using a glass nail file, diamond dusted drill and other wickedly cool gadgets...

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Get a Pregnancy-Safe Mani-Pedi at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Spa!

Brion started working as a podiatrist in private clinics in Paris after his burgeoning football career was cut short by injury.

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Professional footballer to foot care may seem an unexpected career move but Albin learned the importance of podiatry when he twisted seriously his right ankle on the playing field.

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