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at The Foot Atelier

AB Medical Pedicure - The “Haute Couture” for Feet

60 minutes

This Pedicure performed by a certified Podiatrist delicately removes calluses, corns & dry skin using French method on dry. At the same time, restoring Nail condition such as Ingrown toenails, discoloration of Nail Plate & finish off with a natural & Healthy Nail Shine. Osteopathic moves to complete the massage.

AB Posture & Feet Consultation - Feet Assessment

35 minutes

This feet, legs, back & Posture analysis using 3D Foot Sensors Platform to discover imbalance in body positions. From this assessment & measurement, it will enable the podiatrist to propose a tailor made sur mesure pair of Orthotics.

AB Orthotics - Tailor made sur mesure Insoles

Ready after 2-3 days

4 types of Orthotics to satisfy every type of shoes, based on age & specific needs. The main goal is to reposition the base of the body: In the correct position of the feet will prevent injuries, muscular tension, joints pain or just comfort in the daily walks & runs. 1. Sports moulded 2. Urban Ortho 3. Fancy Ortho 4. Posturo Ortho

AB Medical Manicure - The “Haute Couture” for Hands & Nails

35 minutes

This Manicure performed is on dry and with a medical approach in order to remove dryness around the nails and cuticles. Reshaping the Nails and finish off with a natural & Healthy Nail Shine. A gentle Hands, Arms and Elbows massage..

AB Medical Pedi/Mani - Feet & Hands Combo

90 minutes

Both AB Medical Pedicure + Manicure Combo performed by one or two Therapists following your preference. This is the ultimate treatment to give you new Hands and Feet condition. ​ ​
Albin Brion Foot Atelier by ABP Limited Podiatry Medical Pedicure Massage Hong Kong

Common Pathologies encountered

The most obvious sign of Bunion or Hallux Valgus (medical term) is a bulging lump on the joint. It might hurt and be swollen or red. It also reduce mobility on your big toe. Most of the foot bunions are linked to over pronated feet. In order to maintain the overall foot balance the first toe will act as a mechanical reaction move to the opposite direction, making a deviation called bunion.

Albin Brion Services- Bunion Beige.png


Orthotics or Insoles are similar to inserts, but with the important distinction of being custom made. This means that they will be designed to address not only the specific issue that you have, but they will also be designed to fit your feet perfectly, not approximately. This greatly increases their effectiveness in reducing pain and correcting existing posture problems.

Albin Brion Services Insoles Beige.png


Depending on the condition and gravity of the ingrowing Nail, the treatment or method can be different to prevent pressure from each side of the Nail Against the Skin. Medical Pedicure by certified podiatrist to remove the Nail Splint growing inside the Skin on the Side of the Nail Paladur. Technique similar to teeth care, the corner of the nail will be cleaned to create an empty space for the skin to grow.

Albin Brion Services Ingrown Toe Nail Beige c_2x.png

Ingrown Toe Nail


A foot analysis platform is a machine that helps evaluate your postural health. Thousands of sensors record and perform gait analysis generating 2D and 3D images. After you are scanned, the machine creates a digital image of your feet that shows your weight distribution on each foot and indicates any imbalances or weaknesses in your feet.

Albin Brion Services 3D Foot Analysis Beige.png

3D Foot Analysis



Nail Care includes:

Filing and Cutting Nails properly, Fixing Ingrown Nails, Damaged Nails and Nail Fungus. Finishing with Nail Buffing. These are all taken care of after consultation

Albin Brion Services Nail Care Beige.png

Nail Care

Could Lower Back Pain be caused by wrong foot alignment? The entire body structure is composed of muscular chains, with one link, or bone, connecting at the joint to another link. If the first link; the Foot, is out of position, means the next link would eventually over-stress that link and adversely escalated to affect the entire chain and the lower back in particular.

Albin Brion Services Lower Back Pain Beige.png

Lower Back Pain



Removing corn, calluses, cracks or dead skin is a must in order to stop the pain or losing sensitivity of the skin. A medical Pedicure by using a small blade or a scalpel is the direct first treatment but in the long term massaging the area with a foot cream will help.

Albin Brion Services Skincare Beige_2x.png

Skin Care

Examples that misalignment can generate injuries.such as:

1) Genu Valgum

Commonly called "knock-knee", which is a condition in which the knees angle in and touch each other when the legs are straightened.

2) Bow legs (or Genu Varum)

When the legs curve outward at the knees while the feet and ankles touch. Infants and toddlers often have bow legs.

Albin Brion Services Muscular Knee Injuries Beige.png

Knee Posture


There are four different Arch Types. Come see me for a consultation to see which one you are:





Albin Brion Services Arch Problems Beige.png

Arch Pain

Pain on the bottom of your foot, around your heel and arch, often caused by repetitive motion or anything that puts a lot pressure on the arch of your foot.

Orthotics or Insoles are required.

Albin Brion Services Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain Beige.png

Plantar Fasciitis /
Heel Pain

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